Our Assessments

Why book an Assessment?

Get the help your child needs

It can help parents to understand their child’s difficulties and know how best to support them at school and at home and to ask for more targeted support within the education system.

Exam Access Arrangements (EAA)

It can be used to support an application for Exam Access Arrangements (EAA) E.g. Allowing extra time in exams, the use of a laptop, individual exam room, scribe etc. EAA is always at the discretion of the Head of Centre.

Student Disability Allowance (DSA)

Students in higher education will need an assessment to apply for Disabled Students Allowance (DSA). This will entitle them to apply for financial support whilst in higher education.

Workplace Adjustments

Some Employers find an assessment useful to make appropriate reasonable adjustments in the workplace.

The benefits of getting assessed

How remote assessments work

  • Either book a free 15 minute video consultation, email or call us

  • Book in a date, complete questionnaires before the assessment and receive a video link

  • Make sure all the questionnaires are completed at least 24 hours before the assessment and make payment

  • Getting ready! You will receive our guide on how to prepare

  • Attend the appointment

  • Feedback via video call or phone within 2 working days

  • Within 4 weeks you will receive your assessment

  • Bespoke intervention will be offered

  • Equipment that you will need for a remote assessment

  • A device with a large screen with a suitable microphone, headphone/speakers and camera. Mobile phones or small tablets are not appropriate. A laptop or desktop computer is best.

  • Good internet connectivity

  • A quiet suitable room with a desk. If there are too many interruptions, the session would need to rearranged.

  • Pencil and lined paper.

  • A phone (not to be used during the assessment, but available in case of connectivity/technical issue.

  • Children and Teenagers will require an adult who is available in case of connectivity/technical issue.

  • Please wear any prescription glasses or hearing aids if needed.

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